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For a client working in the field of industrial control, Algomica designed and implemented automated testing system for industry controllers. The goal of the system is to verify correct functioning of a controller as a complete unit. Algomica also took part in the redesign of the testing process in order to make automation possible.

We developed a test framework capable of communication with the HW part of the testing system with sufficient reliability. The test framework controls execution of test scripts and records their results. Whole system is designed to be fully automated and works without human supervision.

Based on the specification of the device under test, we created test cases in the form of test scripts. Test framework processes and executes them. The speed of execution is limited by the real time (tested device has an independent internal source of real time). Therefore, in order to receive the results in a reasonable time, we can only execute a limited number of tests. The test scripts have to be effective in order to check as much functionality of the device as possible by means of minimum number of scripts.

A big benefit of the implemented testing system - in contrast with manual testing - is very good repeatability of the test results. This significantly shortens the time needed for problem isolation.

During the project implementation, Algomica has successfully utilized previous experience with automated testing and with development of advanced testing systems in industrial control area.