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At Algomica, we follow latest technological trends in software development domain. Then we offer our knowledge as a service to our customers. We let you focus on main area of your business and leave the difficulties regarding software and IT problems to professionals. This way, you can speed up development of your solutions.

In our company, we have a team of experts with deep knowledge of programming and software development. People in our company are especially strong in areas where reliability is critical, such as industry control or medical technology. However, we have experience also with information systems from other areas like telecommunications or insurance.

We succeeded in projects utilizing wide range of architectures from standalone embedded devices across client server to components of large information systems serving thousands of users. We develop mostly in Java, JEE and C/C++ programming languages but we are experienced also with others.

Interesting for you can be also our experience with software testing. It is primarily our experience with effective automation of software testing and how to avoid typical errors during that process.