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People in Algomica have knowledge of wide range platforms, IT technologies and programming languages. Bellow are presenter the technologies we have solid knowledge of.

In Java/JEE area we can offer developers with certifications SCWCD, SCBCD, SCDJWS and others.

  • Programming languages and related technologies
    • JEE backend - Hibernate, Spring, EJB 3.0, JAX-WS
    • JEE frontend - Wicket, JSP, JSF, GWT
    • JSE - Swing, JDBC, JNI, CORBA
    • Application servers - JBoss, Tomcat, Websphere
    • C/C++ - Win API, VCL, NI DAQ and NI Serial
  • Web applications
    • HTML, XHTML and CSS
    • PHP - PHP5 in combination with MySQL
  • Databases and data processing
    • Databases - Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL
    • Data - XML, DTD, XSD, XSLT
  • Operating systems
  • Software testing
    • Custom frameworks - development of frameworks for software testing automation
    • Selenium framework - automated integration tests, automated tests of web front ends