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Do you have the idea what software you want to develop, but you do not have the right people to do the job? Is your software development department overloaded with other projects? We offer an easy solution for such situation.

We provide software experts which can work for you either at Algomica or on-site at your company. Our people can cooperate on your projects regardless of location, team size or process of software development you are using. We successfully went through numerous projects, worked with various standards, company cultures and environments. Therefore, we should not have difficulties adapting to your company environment.

We provide software and IT experts ranging from programmers and testers to people experienced with managing software projects and leading teams. They are skilled at variety of IT technologies and for some of them our people are holders of certificates for these technologies.


Do you have legacy software which is difficult to maintain? Do you need to bring it to a new environment or to integrate it with new technologies or standards? Are you looking for a company able to provide a cost effective solution?

We have experience with making changes to systems that are at the end of their lifecycle. Migrate them to the new environment. We know what the risks are of projects of such type and how to mitigate them best.

Technology evaluation, prototyping

Are you developing a new system or an embedded device? Do you need to evaluate possible system behaviour? We will develop a prototype for you and help you to test and verify system key features, quality of design and usability. Prototyping is cheap way how to early reveal weaknesses of design and thus save future cost resulting from bad design.

Consulting in applied research

We are not just software engineers, we are experienced also in research activities. Our background is in applied research in areas of IT, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence. We can help you make use of advanced technologies and find completely new solutions in these areas.