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We successfully realized several orders for operational systems based on Linux which fulfills specific customer requirements. Here we present some of them.

Internet kiosk

In a hotel served as a Internet koisk ordinary PC with Windows operating system. Because of problems with security and behaviour of users it was decided to use a different solution. Windows has been replaced by our specifically changed Linux distribution Debian in combination with Window manager FVWM2.

The developed system solves above mentioned security issues by restriction of possible user actions. System starts at restricted mode when it is displayed just empty desktop and when just web browser is running. User can do just ordinary work with Internet and besides using web browser he is not allowed to anything else in Internet kiosk. After the user ends his work all the content which he downloaded is deleted and the system is automatically restarted. Our system does not suffer the problems with security any more and the Internet kios runs without any maintenance for long time.

Network router

During maintenance of one middle size computer network appeared need for specific qualities of routers (more numbers of Ethernet ports, quick booting, possibility of hard reset, possibility of specific settings of network communications, no rotational parts in the device).

For our solution we used normally available discless hardware and for it we tailored own minidistribution based on Debian. The minidistribution is optimized for means of network communication control (performance and distribution footprint). Into minidistribution are involved just these packages which are needed for reliable function of the router. As a consequence of this system occupies small memory amount, quickly starts and the possibility of system attack is limited.

Multimedia device

Because more and more multimedia content is located on computers or is accessible from Internet we decided to instead of several single purpose devices design just one multimedia device based on PC architecture with operation system Linux. And in this way combine skills of PC (including comfort Internet access) and several multimedia opensource applications capable of playing wide range of formats.

For realization we used discless HW with flash HDD and passive cooling. This HW absolutely meets the requirement for low noise. As a operation system we used again distribution based on Debian. X -server of the system has output directly on TV. Multimedia content is assumed to be located on other computers and it accessible through Ethernet. System has analog output using S-Video and analog audio output. For device control can be used remote control.