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Our pricing is flexible. We always try to find an individual pricing model that best suits business requirements of a customer. The final business model is usually a modification or combination of the basic models mentioned bellow.

Fixed Price

The model is suitable for relatively small projects or for projects with stable and clearly specified requirements. This model offers customers a low-risk option and allows to determine the exact project cost in advance. On the other hand, any new requirement or a requirement change occurring during the project execution may affect price and delivery date.

Time & Material (Hourly Rate)

This model is suitable for projects which requirements are not finalized yet or for projects where the scope can vary over time. The cost is calculated by the hourly rate basis plus additional cost, such as travel expenses or special equipment.

The time & material model offers customers a high degree of flexibility to alter specifications, accommodate unplanned activities rapidly and adjust resources based upon actual project progress.

Offshore Development & Test Center

Using this model establishes a long term outsourcing partnership. The offshore center is a dedicated team trained on customer solutions and processes. Within our company, the team is usually a separate entity. When necessary, the team can be reinforced to ensure quick response to your resource requirements.

This model offers customers all the benefits of the offshore outsourcing flexibility with full control over the offshore team dedicated to their project.