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We offer complex services in the area software testing. We may inspect your processes and improve them so to ensure their efficiency. We will help you choose the right testing tools and their setup. We can also lead your test activities. We will specify test cases and create test scripts for your software. And of course we can do test execution - both manual and automated.

Manual testing

We will create sets of test scripts for you and manually test your software using these scripts. If you for some reason do not have test cases specified and still you need check quality of your software we can test it exploratively.

Automated testing

Our domain is automation of testing process. Automated testing systems are convenient where frequent testing is necessary and for systems of long expected life and maintenance time. Automated software testing requires higher investment at the beginning but test execution itself is very cheap. Well designed automated testing also ensures constant quality of testing over all test executions.

We can create and maintain for you not just test scripts but also complete automated testing system which will provide you with quick and reliable information about condition of tested software.

To test your application, we will design load and stress tests and we will automate a significant amount of functional tests where possible. We may also prepare test data - their quality is crucial for proper test quality.

Test generation

To test specific types of applications, where it is impossible to write and maintain large number of test cases, and where the behavior of application can be described by a formal model, we can offer more advanced solutions. These can be used not only to execute tests in an automated manner, but also generate them based on the model.