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Below you can find out about areas our engineers have domain knowledge at:

  • Information systems - we successfully take part on development of information systems in telco, insurance or industry control. Typically these are multilayer Java/JEE applications. They are mainly server application with web access or sometimes with thick client.
  • Automated testing systems - we have experience with development of testing applications for automated testing of industry controllers.
  • Linux - we are able to develop operation system based on Linux which has specific features required by customer. Typical application in this case is operation system for an embedded device.
  • Embedded devices - our engineers have brought to our company experience with development of software for embedded devices from various areas like firmware for industry controllers or medical devices.
  • TCP/IP and Quality of service (QoS) - detailed knowledge and experience which we have in the domain of TCP/IP family protocols we can utilize in development of network applications or their testing. In the area of computer networks, we provide solutions forming data flows according to user requirements (typically to prioritize time-critical traffic requiring a guaranteed bandwidth over other traffic).