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Maintenance of IT


For installations of servers we chose operation systems and applications which maximize reliability and security in combination with minimal acquisition and operation costs. In most case we are using Linux operation system but sometimes customers prefer Windows. We are able to deal with both.


Linux is Secure and stabile system with low requirements for hardware and with wide application base. It is suitable mostly for server solutions. Its advantage is zero acquision cost and easy maintenance. Linux often offers wide options for configuration.

It is suitable for server solutions in intranet or for serving internet services. It can be used also in routers, firewalls, gateways or in VPN solutions.


Although we prefer UNIX based systems we can deal also with Windows when it is necessary. Reason for using Windows on servers can be establishing Windows friendly environment which provides compatibility with other Microsoft products.


FreeBSD is operation system which belongs among the most secure ones. It is advantageous in environments where security and protection against unauthorized attacks is a key requirement. Using FreBSD is most suitable for firewalls or internet servers.