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Maintenance of IT


We will gladly deliver complex services in IT area a maintain your network completely - servers, personal computers and other network devices. We provide also technical support during negotiations with third parties.

Designing networks

We offer you help with design of network components and their connections. Except physical and link layer we design for you solutions also in higher network levels. VPN connection we can implement using Linux based routers. Based on your needs we will help you with selection of the most suitable Internet connection provider.

Network administration

To maintenance of servers is closely related maintenance and administration of network which connects to outer world. This includes maintenance of switches, routers, internet connection, VPN and so on.

Special care often need internet telephony VoIP. Especially when you are using VoIP server. For expected functionality it is necessary to have good internet connection and special configuration on connected router fulfilling the QoS (quality of service) requirements.

For our customers we offer also Internet services - domain administration, email solutions or web hosting.